by Joyce O'Hara
Multiplication & Division Tables in Song (CD88-11)
Helps in memorising tables - Sung by Joyce O'Hara

Tables in song will enable children to learn them more easily - and it's more fun! The tables are sung twice - first, with the answers, the second time without the answers, leaving it to the child to sing or say the answers on their own. For years there has been debate about the best way to help children learn Tables. Then in the sixties the traditional method of learning by rote began to be frowned upon, and emphasis was placed on conceptual methods to aid understanding. The debate hit the headlines in September 2004 when a calculator manufacturer published findings that showed the majority of children aged between 7 and 10 had difficulty with Tables.

Ireland's Department of Education has certified Joyce O'Hara's CDs for use in children's education.

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The most effective way of learning Tables

Dr. Sylvia Steele is a consultant in early learning difficulties. She did research on learning Tables, and wrote: “Although conceptual methods are useful in aiding understanding, the most effective way of mastering number facts is to learn by rote.” She also concluded that there should be more emphasis on aural methods, i.e. listening to the Tables, and “repeating them and chanting them”.
That is what this CD does.

Listen to some examples from the 'Tables in Song' CD
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