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"I should like to thank you sincerely for the happiness your music has brought to my children."
Mrs. Mary Carty, Primary School Teacher, Co. Clare.

Why should I buy your music CD, and how is it different to others on the market?

In compiling her series of CDs for young children, music specialist and educationist, Joyce O’Hara, pays particular attention to how they learn through listening to song and music.

Why is there only one singer on the CD?

Small children learn best when they hear only one voice singing the melody line. Voices in harmony may confuse them.

Why does Joyce use just simple guitar accompaniment?

The basic accompaniment enhances the joy of learning, and is unobtrusive. When there is too much happening in the background it distracts the child.

Is it important to have the voice pitched at a level suitable for small children?

Joyce has pitched the songs at a suitable level for the young singer. Singing outside the natural vocal range – too high or too low – imposes a serious strain upon the voice.

Why do the children benefit from Joyce’s presentation of the songs?

Small children identify more readily with the solo voice, and this helps them learn more easily.

Why use spoken introductions?

Joyce’s spoken introduction to each song helps children in getting to know her as a person they can relate to. It is also a useful guide and assistance to the parent and teacher in working with the children.

Is there any additional assistance for the parents and teachers who buy Joyce’s CDs?

The song words are provided in the CD notes.

How Do I Make A Purchase? | Do I have to use a credit card?

Making a purchase is easy. Simply select the CD you are interested in by visiting the 'Buy Now' page, click ‘Add To Cart’ and follow the straight-forward prompts on screen. You can then either go straight to the checkout to pay for your item or continue shopping. If you do not wish to pay via PayPal or your credit card, you can download an order form from within the 'Buy Now' page and send your order via the post. Cheques should be made payable to Ashton Productions.

What happens if the CD is faulty?

We are totally committed to your satisfaction. Occasionally things can go wrong. If the CD is faulty, just return it to us in its original condition and we will replace it.

What postage fee will I be charged?

We have simplified the postage/shipping fees for all of our products. We now charge a low flat rate of €2.50, regardless of your geographical region or how many CDs you order. The postage/shipping fee will be added to your order automatically as soon as you add an item to the shopping cart.

Are there any discounts or special offers?

Yes. Special offers can be found in the 'Buy Now' page.

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