by Joyce O'Hara
Children's Action Songs for Autumn (CD10-01)
22 songs with spoken instructions (words included) - Sung by Joyce O'Hara

There is no better way for the young child to learn about Nature in its different seasons than to sing about it. This CD covers all aspects of the harvest season when leaves are changing colour. Songs include Leaves are falling, The Scarecrow, Autumn Apples, etc.

Ireland's Department of Education has certified Joyce O'Hara's CDs for use in children's education. [Age 6 and under].

Actions Songs
  1. Autumn days
  2. Leaves are falling
  3. Going to school
  4. One man went to mow
  5. Lavender blue
  6. Fun with leaves
  7. Here is a tree
  8. Thunder
  9. Hibernation
  10. Thirty days has September
  11. The pumpkin man
  1. The farmer in the dell
  2. Fireworks
  3. The scarecrow (Dance)
  4. Starlight
  5. Five little leaves
  6. Autumn apples
  7. I’m a little acorn
  8. The man in the moon
  9. Sally go round the moon
  10. Our baby
  11. The more we get together
Listen to some examples from the "Autumn Action Songs' CD
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